• Kate

Valentine's Day Greetings

A Roses & Rue Antiques, it's kind of Valentine's Day every day. But here are a few words and images to inspire you on this amorous day, along with a most sensual and dreamy playlist aimed at unlocking your inner odalisque.

Mid-19th century valentines from my collection.

"To the fairest" of them all... Antique apple charm c. 1920s.

Mid-19th century, hand painted valentine with calligraphy bird from my collection.

Victorian wedding fan made from carved ivory with hand colored illustrations, Dresden paper, and a "flirting" mirror on the endguard. From my collection.

“With his venom irresistible and bittersweet that loosener of limbs, Love reptile-like strikes me down” - Sappho

Fetish boots c. 1900 from the collection of LACMA.

Blood and milk, Frederic Fontenoy, 2003.

Think of me. Victorian keepsake album and a heart-shaped page inside, from my collection.

Antique cherub ballet costume from the V&A Museum, c. 1900.

“Dire je t’aime au lieu de dire je te désire, c’est se proposer une tâche infinie.” - Gilles Deleuze citation philosophie magazine

Nude with Red Stockings by Guiseppe De Nittis, 1879

Antique garters with silk bows in their original glass and paper box, from my collection.

Antique carved ivory spanking paddle, source unknown.

Victorian corset bracelet; mid-1800s from the collection of Erie Basin. To wear a piece of jewelry that makes whoever see it think of your undergarments would have been a very provocative gesture at this time.

Salvador Dalí's installation "The Dream of Venus" from the 1939 World's Fair.

Some verses from one of my Victorian books on the language of flowers- This one is from the 1840s. Gotta love the original owner's little marginal note!

A figural "map of a woman's heart," 1839, via the American Antiquarian Society.

1860s guide to writing love letters, from my collection.