Looking  for something in particular?

I am happy to help, whether you're searching for the perfect gift or seeking to fill a void in your collection. I'm fortunate enough to live in New England, where our history is rich, early treasures are plentiful, and where we have access to items that are less frequently found elsewhere. I regularly stock items from Europe and the UK as well. New merchandise is acquired weekly. Send me an email specifying what you're looking for and how much you'd like to spend, and I will add you to my client list!

Do you buy?

Yes. I receive many inquiries from people who are downsizing or cleaning out estates, especially regarding items they think are odd or "creepy." All emails and reasonable offers are welcome- The worst thing I might say is "No, thank you!" Items I am looking for include but are not limited to:

  • 19th century hair work: Wreaths, flowers, ​jewelry, albums, and single locks of hair.

  • Mourning and funeral paraphernalia.

  • Antique photos and photo albums, particularly gem albums and photos in unusual cases.

  • Antique sewing notions.

  • Antique handwritten items: Diaries, letters, etc.

  • Valentines, 1870s and earlier.

  • Sentimental objects, keepsakes, and love tokens.

  • Featherwork, woolwork, shellwork, and wax.

  • Palais royal and Grand Tour souvenirs.

  • Victorian paper arts: Silhouettes, decoupage, and scherenschnitte.

  • All things shaped like hands, from vases to jewelry.

  • Catholic devotional objects: Sacred hearts, ex votos, relics, nun's crafts, etc.

  • 19th century dolls.

  • Antique boxes, particularly book-shaped boxes.

  • Decorative objects made from mother of pearl, or papier-mâché with mother of pearl.

  • "Ladies' things" like hand fans, mirrors, jewelry boxes, and perfume bottles.

  • Friendship albums, autograph albums, and scrap albums.

  • Freemasonry, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Daughters of Rebekah paraphernalia

  • All things Art Nouveau

  • Vintage and antique witchcraft and occult-related items

  • Anything you might call "gay interest."

  • Antique books: Illustrated (Doré, Beardsley, Pogany, Clarke, etc.), poetry, mythology, French, Latin, consolation or mourning books, fine bindings, "gift books," natural history, floral and botanical, and any books by, for, or about women.